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Flat Stomach Exercises for women

Flat Stomach Exercises for women – workout at Home

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Many women pay attention to their bloated stomach, this will not be beautiful to see right? You might even talk about a lot of people if you look bloated when you use tight clothes. Then how to overcome it? The only way is to exercise so that the fat in the stomach goes away.

No need to go to the gym if you want a flat and super sexy belly without distended, that is by applying the following 4 abdominal exercises and you can get a flat stomach in just a matter of weeks.


It is one of the best Flat Stomach Exercises for women.¬†Plank exercise helps to draw the¬†abdominal muscles well and intensively. Not only that but also pulling the leg and arm muscles and training the body’s strength and balance. Do it 30-60 seconds to start, if you can’t, do it as hard as you can. Continue to do it every day, and only takes 3-5 minutes to do it, making up to 2-3 repetitions.

Sit up

The situp will effectively suppress the abdominal muscles and from the abdominal muscles. Do it 10-30 times in 30 seconds every day. Just do repetitions up to 2 times. If you can’t, you can do a variety of sit-ups by pulling your legs up to your stomach and returning to their original position like pedaling a bicycle.

Butt Lift

Being lazy to exercise, you can just lie down and lift your butt up like in the picture. Keep your hands next to your body to hold your buttocks. Pull the abdominal muscles and buttocks while holding your breath, exhale and relax when lowering the body. Repeat several times and do it every day.

Lift your legs

This exercise is very simple but quite challenging. Lie down and stretch your legs up so that your body forms a 90-degree angle. Slowly pull your knees down, hold for a while and straighten your legs again. Do it up to 15 times. Repeat the exercise twice. Can be done while watching TV.

There are four simple Flat Stomach Exercises for women that can be done at home and speed up getting fat and bloated flat abdominal muscles. Doing every day doesn’t take 30 minutes. Start applying today.


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